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COCKBURN RUGBY SCHOLARSHIPS (CRSs) for leadership and commitment, 2004
Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College, London
see also undergraduate prospectus 2004 Entry IMP I50, pages 97 & 128 and:

Cockburn Rugby Scholarships (CRSs) were set up in memory of the late Dr H D Cockburn, M.C.

Dr Cockburn qualified from St Mary’s Hospital Medical School in 1939 and played rugby for St Mary’s, Richmond, Middlesex County and the Barbarians. Dr Cockburn was Medical Superintendent of St Mary’s Hospital from 1954 to 1979. He was also responsible for the health and welfare of all the medical students and nurses.
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CRSs, £1,000/year over 3 years for medical students entering The Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College, are awarded at the end of each season (May). During the three-year period the holder must be registered for the National Leagues with Imperial Medicals RFC – receiving coaching from David Rollitt BSc, DLC (England, London Divisional coach) and Greg Hamilton-Eadie (Scotland under 21, Middlesex coach) – taking a full part in the activities of the Club. Players should be injury free at the start of each season, or shortly after, for the CRS to proceed. Discretion is given to the selection panel to review players’ circumstances and their contribution to the club, subject to appropriate medical reports, together with a review of each completed season (CRSs may be for 1 or 2 years only at the discretion of the panel).

The CRS panel may award additional scholarship(s) to any outstanding player at the start of any one season for any period of up to 3 years, as a reflection of that player’s leadership ability.

Requirements: Completion of the application form – see android tv box – detailing relevant Rugby achievements plus leadership, ability and commitment. A reference from the applicant’s most recent coach may be requested.

Selection: A shortlist is be drawn up and reviewed by the CRS panel. The panel is made up of officials of Imperial Medicals RFC including: The CRS Co-ordinator, The President, The student Club Captain, The Director of Coaching, The Vice President St Mary’s, The Vice President Charing Cross together with the Treasurer of St Mary’s Hospital Association. CRSs will be awarded to players who, in the judgement of the panel, will make the largest contribution to Imperial Medicals RFC.
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Candidates from Oxford and Cambridge Universities, for direct entry into Year 3 of the medical course, are considered by the same process in any one-year (up to M.B.,B.S.).

The panel may, at their discretion, award two CRSs to freshers in any one-year, or split the scholarships into two. The coaches will review applicants during their first season. Mature students are encouraged to apply. CRSs, first awarded May 2002, are open to men and women.

The successful applicants for CRSs will be announced at the end of each season at the annual RFC Dinner held in May (i.e. 2005 for the October 2004 entry), receiving the first £1,000 then. This is to ensure new players are given best opportunity to demonstrate their worth. For the two subsequent years CRSs are paid in two instalments for each season, 1st Nov. and 1st Feb. CRSs are only tenable for those students registered as full-time undergraduate students with The Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College.

Players, once an offer is confirmed for October 2004, should obtain the application form from

Prof. R.Touquet or,, and return to:
Professor Robin Touquet RD, FRCS, FFAEM,
Accident and Emergency Department,
St Mary’s Hospital,
Praed Street,
London W2 1NY
E-mail: robin.touquet (at)

October 2003